Everything is a work in progress.

*bunch of haikus based on my top 25 favorite albums

“out of time”

near wild heaven

i sat there looking ugly

but this film is on


man in the middle

stay all day if you want to

girl you’re so groovy


hello ohio

the last time i saw Jesus

esoteric love

“king james version”

still no plan in place

a kid in a carpet store

already spinning


you’re the tall kingdom

raise our heavenly glasses

diamond slippers on

“dizzy up the girl”

whisper in my ear

scatter like ice from the spoon

give up forever


i always…

The velvet underground plays

As I pinch a few extra bunches in


Spark the glow, producing a most

Satisfying crackle followed by the

Stankiest of plumes

Lou reed one…

Somewhere amongst the doo wop

Covers of miley cyrus and sad singing

Clowns and the inadvertently hilarious

amy grant concerts I realize that my knee

is jutting into the tender…

It’s like a slow fire, you know, simmering

Don’t be afraid to stoke the flames a bit, though

Don’t be afraid to show your edge

Gather steam and then just…

congregated, open-mouthed

unable to think of anything else

in the summer’s furnace light

The colors collide, excited night

vibrations unite, reactions abound

losing yourself inside a new sound

a stirring…

The bottom bun is pleasurably thin and

Soft as a co-eds thigh on Sunday morning

toasted, not soggy; fluffy, not stale

The lettuce green and fresh in strips

You can…

First movie I watched this year where I thought, “I wish I would’ve seen this in a theater.”

I remember reading about this back in the day when Spielberg was supposed to direct it and Will Smith was playing Bobby Seale and Jeff Daniels was David Dellinger.

Sorkin’s style grates occasionally but overall it flows. Some of it almost borders on propaganda, some of it is really self-indulgent. But the movie’s failings never overshadow its successes.

Cast is stellar. Awesome mix. Great to see Joseph Gordon Levitt again. Sacha Baron Cohen is good but can’t seem to nail down his accent. I’ve seen Jeremy Strong is so many things this past decade and I’ve never appreciated him and I really should. Eddie Redmayne sounds like he’s about to cry all the time which doesn’t seem like a good representation of his character, the real Tom Hayden was the one who protested Bobby Seale’s gagging and that’s not depicted here at all. Speaking of Bobby Seale, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is fucking solid here and I can’t wait to see him in the Mad Max prequel now. Mark Rylance is so good I can’t believe I’d never heard of him before Bridge of Spies. John Carroll Lynch is nice dad John Carroll Lynch instead of creepy John Carroll Lynch. Frank Langella is tragically hateful as the presiding judge. Michael Keaton has a very satisfying small role. …

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author drawing

Adrien was confused. Self-esteem? What was that?

Dr. Getzen would explain, or at least Ms. Fovenesi said he would. Dr. Getzen had brought his self-esteem machine with him. The machine was somewhat scary looking to Adrien. His first grade class would all get a dose of it, this strange substance called self esteem.

Dr. Getzen was nice, white-haired, white-mustached, smiled a lot. He had big glasses and wore a tie. He told students that self-esteem was something inside you that made you feel good about yourself.

Adrien thought of his insides — his heart beating and his lungs expanding and his blood flowing — and couldn’t think of where self-esteem would go. …

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author drawing

Thomas felt it coming. He ran to the toilet, knelt before it.

His insides clenched and coiled and green goo erupted from his lips. The stuff just kept coming. It got on his forearm, his right thumb. Thomas gripped the toilet, wished he cleaned it more often.

Once the putrid torrent ceased, Thomas went to the kitchen for another roll of paper towel.

This is such a pain in the ass, he thought.

Out in the living room, the flies buzzed all over the sliding door. Thomas had no idea where they were coming from. They buzzed all night, all day. Their corpses littered the balcony. …

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I was driving north in Ypsilanti near the old projects — this big block of shitty apartments with a shitty parking lot. They were near the old hospital. It was sunrise and early winter, the end of November creeping up on us. Frost was on the ground and the air was numbing and the puddles were all brown ice.

I was taking a shortcut, suing the circular outer drive that goes around the projects to get from Huron drive to Golfside. In doing so I’d avoid the extra-long light at the main intersection.

I was in a hurry but not speeding and I don’t remember where I was going. …

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