A Modest Proposal

Adrien Carver
3 min readJun 14, 2021

I think all unsuccessful men over the age of 35 should be systematically exterminated.

If you’re heterosexual, over 35 years of age, not currently in a long-term relationship of some kind, and/or don’t have kids, you’re done. Congrats.

And to get everyone on board with this, we’ll start exclusively with the WHITE guys who fit this criteria. We’ll eventually expand this operation to include all races, but we’ll get rid of all the white guys first.

A person is demonstrably Who They Are by the time they’re 35. No man who was a true failure at 35 ever made it anywhere post-35. You had your shot, for three and half decades or more, and now it’s time to get the fuck off the planet and make room for everyone who IS valuable, either inherently or proven. You’re not young, you’re not attractive, you’re not productive, and therefore you are not deserving of anything other than oblivion. Nothing’s going to change for you if you’re not already established in some way.

Seriously, tho, would anyone really care if we did this? No one will defend these men, no one wants them here anyway. They’re not contributing anything and even if they are they’re not contributing anything that can’t be contributed by someone else the same or better.

Round them up, put them on buses or train cars, send them right to gas chambers or incinerators or whatever it is. Whatever’s cheapest. No reason for trials or fucking bureaucracy, we all know who they are, we see them everywhere and we all know they’re not deserving of existence. Let’s just get it done.

Again — if you’ve ever had kids, you’re exempt, even if you’re divorced and not around them anymore. If you’ve been in a longterm relationship for a certain period of time, say a year, you’re exempt. If you’re above a certain (very high) net worth, you’re exempt. If you’re gay, you’re exempt.

Every guy who doesn’t fit those descriptions, again, you had a shot, you weren’t able to do anything with it, now please fuck off.

It’ll help fight climate change, boost the economy (create jobs!), and no one will miss them. Literally no one. Not even their mothers, most likely. And if their mothers do miss them, then they’re clearly just deluded. No one could miss a straight man over 35 who’s never reproduced and isn’t currently chosen by a female.

A man’s only purpose from the biological level all the way up to individual level is to make something of…