album haikus

Adrien Carver
2 min readDec 16, 2020

*bunch of haikus based on my top 25 favorite albums

“out of time”

not near enough

i sat there looking ugly

on a maddening loop


man in the middle

stay all day if you want to

girl you’re so groovy


hello ohio

the last time i saw Jesus

esoteric love

“king james version”

still no plan in place

a kid in a carpet store

already spinning


you’re the tall kingdom

raise our heavenly glasses

diamond slippers on

“dizzy up the girl”

whisper in my ear

scatter like ice from the spoon

give up forever


i always believed

don’t think we’re not serious

love goes anywhere

“why should the fire die?”

pretty sympathy

i’ll bet he’s holding his breath

bring in some new blood

“rubber factory”

a desperate man

when the lights go out

from sweet to deranged

“songs for the deaf”

metal heavy, soft

heaven smiles above me

a holy roller

“blast tyrant”

walk the longest mile

the water is cherry wine

dance the good time dance

“only by the night”

if i could go home

stranded in a spooky town

the breakin’ of day


shadow shedding skin

prying open my third eye

relax, take my hand


flashlight reveries

their fully automatics

swimming through the void

“recovering the satellites”

waiting for the moon

she is a flower and i

want a little light

“wonder what’s next”

when you’re singled out

you’re much more than just human

your rebirth can’t hurt

“pretend you’re alive”

twisted frequency

watch angels in the morning

too cold for kisses


pushed my head under

i’ll show you my dark secret

pray for shade and rain

“the bell and the hammer”

open fields to walls

an echo of when you knew

west is what we need

“the joshua tree”

plant a demon seed

spoke with the tongue of angels

sleep comes like a drug


weather changes moods

i guess it makes me smile

i’m not gonna crack


bomb in my temple

thoughts arrive like butterflies

all five horizons


if you want a slice

i’m riding you all the way

see it in the night


born into the grave

same old trip it was back then

bury me softly

“siamese dream”

i’ll burn my eyes out

when i woke up from that sleep

freak out and give in