The bottom bun is pleasurably thin and

Soft as a co-eds thigh on Sunday morning

toasted, not soggy; fluffy, not stale

The lettuce green and fresh in strips

You can make out the dew on the skin

Of the tomato slices and the onion slices

The pickle is there, and the meat, oh

The meat is oozing with hot juice, from this

Vantage point the cheese appears liquid

Suspended in gooey decadence

between the two patties

Simmering in grease and goodness

There are onion rings in their crispy

Prime tangled just below the top bun

With some tangy orange secret sauce

To top it off before the top bun slams

Down and you can see the oil the

Sesame seeds settled in upon being

Sprinkled on the beautiful baked


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