“everyone’s favorite pseudointellectual”

*this one’s about a girl I knew in my early 20’s.

don’t call me a bother

don’t call me bitter

Ok, call me bitter

but something’s wrong with this picture

so don’t call me wrong

Is this all because

My nails are too long

give too much and it’s gone

In Detroit, in the clutch

We’re piercing eardrums

While you’re killing the love

Cause you’ve never come

take my rule of thumb

don’t ever play dumb

You’re cute and you’re easy

Tank top and blue jeans, we

Adjust frequencies, know I’ll disagree

You always were too good for me

I see

What the problem is

I’ve overblown, my mind’s a mess

Take off your clothes

under blankets

I can’t stand it

One look’s all it took

I know you fucked him

But I can’t get in

Guess that’s what I get

For being a gentleman

I see you bending over him

soft strumpet, just take a sip

hope you enjoy your original sin

That’s it, you’re his

Lights out, I quit

Everything is a work in progress.

Everything is a work in progress.