saw a guy get creamed last night

i was in ann arbor

i’d gone to open stage at the ark

(hadn’t played, just watched)

then went over to the jolly pumpkin

for a po’ boy

i ended up chatting

with some folks at the bar

i took a walk around the city,

making sure the three wines

i’d had were good and subdued

in my bloodstream

before heading back

i don’t know the intersection

but i was sitting at a red light

i turned to my right and saw

a car careening through the

westbound lane

which had the green,

and there was a dude

running across the lane

he didn’t even stop,

the guy running

or the guy in the car


it looked like maybe the guy

on foot

would make it,

like my forced perspective

made it seem

like they weren’t going to


but then

the guy flips through the air

he’s younger, white, homeless

long dirty hair and beard,

all greasy and grimy from a life

in true freedom

i don’t remember any sounds

the guy lies in the road facedown

no one does anything

the guy who hit him stops

almost instantly

flashers are put on

what should be done

the guy’s not moving

it’s almost midnight

should i get out?

i just had three wines

if the cops ask…

i decide to get out

i see others stepping out

the guy in the car behind me runs over

and takes charge

starts asking the injured guy questions

what’s your name

what day is it

the injured guy mumbles

his shirt is rode up

exposing his thin stomach

the guy talking to him

rolls him over

and there’s quite a bit of blood

on the street where his head was

“holy shit!” i exclaim

i can’t help it

the injured guy is mumbling

i’m an er doctor, says the guy

from the car behind me,

continuing to ask questions

sirens blare,

the guy

who was in the car

behind the car that

hit the guy is on the

phone with 911 dispatch

another girl stands with


the guy who hit the guy is

moon-eyed, an italian or

hispanic dude with bright

black eyes and short dark

hair, he walks around with

his hands on his head as

though he’s stretching

after a long work-out, he’s

stunned this happened to

him and i just want to give

the fella a hug

the cops come, the er

doctor does his job

keeping the guy’s

head straight and

talking to him

the probable transient

is loaded onto a stretcher

after an ambulance

wails to a stop

he’s awake and talking

but not coherently

all the emergency

personnel have the

usual subdued

same shit different day

expressions on their


they’re at work

the stunned guy who

plowed into the guy sits

on the opposite street corner

as a young cop takes down

information, fortunately

not from me

i stay out of the way

and try to not let the

flashing lights get to me

the cop tells us we can


the er doctor is over

by a trash can wiping

his hands with a wet

nappie, i ask him if

he’s all right as he

throws it in the can

and gets back into

his car

yeah, he says

with the beleaguered

tone of a guy who

knows that even if

he tried to explain

how he wasn’t all right

right now

i wouldn’t be able to

understand anyway

i hope that guy does

all right, he says

yeah, i say. good luck

i get in my car and turn

around and leave, the

cops have blocked off

the street down both


the lights fade and i

don’t remember getting home

Everything is a work in progress.

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