i hit up the vu again tonight

sat there for a bit, had one
girl come over, tall and skinny
named lydia, asked me the
questions introductions and
asked if i wanted a dance
no thanks

thicc girls dancing onstage

another girl came over,
thicc, asked if i was
enjoying the commercials
i said she could have a
seat so she did, i didn’t
get her name, we chatted
a bit, about what i don’t
remember, but then i saw
two skinny things at the
bar and i excused myself

i asked the one on the right
for a vip, an hour, her name
was josie, gap in her teeth
5’5’’ skinny, long legs, c-cup
breasts, breath stinks of weed
she’s 22, 23 in october

she’s not ticklish except
on her feet so i don’t bother
with that

we cuddle the whole time
and talk

she tells me her story

she smoked a woody with
her best friend, i ask how
high she is, she’s got
stretch marks and a bit of
a distended belly, she has
two kids, and recently
got into an altercation with
their father and his father

she became a mother at 22
has a 5 year old son and
a 2 year old daughter

she has a tattoo on her side
for her son whose name is
myles and will get one for
her daughter

she’s from milan and her
grandpa was an evil person
who had brain disorders

he left her mother a lot of
money and her mother
and father, though they’re
drug addicts, raised her
as best they could and her
mother spent a lot of the
inheritance money on josie’s

she’s the youngest of 4, and
her oldest sister died of a
heroin overdose recently

she has a cat named midnight
toker with a rare immune
system disorder that causes
him to need regular blood

she likes indie rock, alternative
i list my 25 bands for her and
she says she likes goo goo dolls,
clutch and smashing pumpkins

i tell her about myself throughout
the conversation, but she never
asks me anything other than my

we cuddle, and that’s it, just
lying there, she says she
hates the other couch in the
other VIP room because they’re
all falling apart, they take 100
dollars of her 300 for the hour

she’s been here on and off
for three years, works at a
diner and goes to school

she told me a story of how
her five year old son just
turned five and had a
birthday party, he wanted
his dad to come but his
dad didn’t come until 7:30
at night and the kid sat
in the driveway all day
and missed his own party
because he wanted his
dad there so bad

she called it traumatic for
him and i agree

she talks about working
here, it’s a lot of smelly
chinese businessmen
who are rude about her
stretch marks, she was
in a bad mood when she
came in which is why
she smoked

the dj is an older guy
named victor who plays
a lot of 80s shit and calls
her “juicy josie” which
she says she hates

at one point she asks
if there was a girl sitting
with me before i came over


if that was me i would feel
so rejected, she says

well, with all due respect,
now she knows how it feels
to be a guy, i tell her

“i never thought of it that way.”

i tell her i can’t afford to feel
guilty especially when no one
gives a shit if such a thing
happens to me, the girl is
at work, but of course now i
feel a bit guilty

i note it was nice of her to
think of that other girl’s feelings
she says she doesn’t know
the other girl and the other girl
would probably not think of her
if she had gotten the private

i listen to her talk and feel
her in my arms and smell
her hair, it’ll do for now

when it’s over she asks if
i want another but i say no

she hugs me lying down

nice talking to you

we walk out

good luck, nice meeting you

you too

ypsilanti is warm with nightfall

Everything is a work in progress.

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