Movie Review: Uncut Gems

Adrien Carver
1 min readDec 30, 2019

I saw a tweet that said watching this movie is like having bipolar disorder. I don’t have bipolar disorder, but I’d say this is accurate.

The fuck was up with that prologue? What happened to that guy’s leg?

Sandler kills it here. Lakeith Stanfield is going to have a helluva career.

Everything — the color palette, the cinematography, the ambient audio— is stress-inducing.

Apparently NBA bodyguards are more badass than run-of-the-mill mobsters. Glad we figured that one out.

One of those movies that will leave you convinced people are scum and we should all be destroyed.

The Safdie Brothers are established now, they’ve bought their freedom. Interested to see what they do with it.

Overall, I dug Uncut Gems but it’s not quite the masterpiece it’s been made out to be. It was a little long and it thinks it’s better than it is. Still, Sandler’s manic performance and the overall filmmaking are worth sitting through.