Movie Thoughts: Last Night In Soho

Adrien Carver
1 min readNov 28, 2021

This movie is similar to The French Dispatch in that its a safe investment with an established brand that stays in its lane and does what it does. The brand this time is Edgar Wright. This is a movie that isn’t made a lot anymore — an original psychological thriller.

McKenzie is great, she rides her character arc well. Anya Taylor-Joy does the same. Diana Rigg kills it in her final role, Terence Stamp is good, Matt Smith isn’t in it as much as the trailer suggests.

There’s some cool shit with the cinematography blending Joy and McKenzie. It’s a pretty straightforward horror flick, not much Wright-ian comedy here at all.

The screenplay is good, your standard set-up and pay off. The trailers give away nothing. There’s a climactic musical sequence on the stairs that I loved.

Another safe investment, another decent watch that I will never bother watching again.


One note that I’m sure no one wants to hear:

Society is going to have to find some collective sympathy for low value men, especially aging, white, low value men. We’re willing to use generational trauma as an excuse for every other demographic’s bad behavior, why not them?