Movie Thoughts: Spiderman- No Way Home

Adrien Carver
3 min readJan 7, 2022

I’m not the type of person who avoids spoilers for movies like this. If you are, stop reading.

Hype beyond hype. Hype on top of hype. People get excited from combinations and team-ups. The first Avengers movie taught us that. The solo movie setups and the bets all paid off. So the team-ups got bigger and bigger. The next logical step was obvious — why not bring different generations together? Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z. No one would say no to the money.

I was excited for this and watching it (twice now) was enjoyable. It’s a well made corporate product. The set up is pretty boring but the movie doesn’t waste too much time with it. By the time the stuff we all want and expect is happening, we’re appropriately invested. The movie tries to be emotional and it succeeds (sometimes) but that’s not why we paid to see it. It works surprisingly a lot of the time. It’s a great ride, which is all it needed to be. All three Spiderman swinging together. One more inevitability fulfilled in our world where every IP is getting every last bit of juice squeezed out.

Now that they’re all together — Andrew Garfield got the shittiest movies but once you see him with others, he’s unequivocally is the best Spiderman (imo). Maguire is the classic. Holland is the Gen Z, the Now, and I’ll argue that he’ll be the first one that future generations think of. Good for them all. The villains are great, Molina and Dafoe are the best actors (Dafoe might be the best villain the MCU has ever had), Foxx is his comedic self…