The first thing I’ve learned is this — I’m not going to delete blog posts from now on, even if I hate what I have to say in them. Fuck it.

So point being, these blogs may be a little cringey until I can get the hang of them.

I need to start making money off this. I see people getting a large chunk of their income. The first step is to start publishing on this bitch every day. So I will publish, even if the writing outs my less-than-desirable personality traits.

That said, here’s my thoughts for the day:

This new OK Boomer meme came out of nowhere, didn’t it? I spend time on the Internet frequently and I had no inkling of it. Even if this is some teenage thing that my 33-yer-old ass just didn’t see until now, its instantaneous acceptance by the mainstream press makes it a little odd.

It’s almost like they were told to push it. Like their bosses want people blaming each other instead of them. I don’t think the bosses invented it, but they saw it happening and were like, “THAT! Push that! Get them to blame their grandparents who voted for Trump! Anyone but us!”

Conspiracy. Everything is a conspiracy. Anytime you have a small group of people clinging to power and the lifestyle that power gives them, there’s conspiracy. Epstein didn’t kill himself is an example of a real meme. You saw it here and there and all of a sudden it was everywhere. OK Boomer seems like it just popped up like last weekend. Remember those Bird Box memes from last December? Neither do I. I think OK Boomer will stick around, but it still came out of nowhere. I didn’t see or hear people talking about it before I saw an article on it — I saw the articles first. Can’t help but think it’s a little fishy.

There’s a couple places saying that this was spammed by one guy (they also say he’s a self-loathing Millennial) and it just happened to catch on. If so, good for him.

It’s cathartic and maybe even a little justified, but blaming a generation of out-of-touch old people is bad karma. Millennials will literally be that out-of-touch generation in another 30 years provided climate change doesn’t kill us all.

We should be focusing the fight against the incredibly small group of ultra wealthy people who’ve screwed us over for the past forty years in an attempt to ensure their children can start modern economic dynasties and live in luxury until the Singularity happens or something. They need to be brought back down to earth among their fellow humans. Supreme economic might is The One Ring. You cannot wield it. None of us can.

This could’ve been a Tweet, I guess, but whatever. Commitment to a goal.