“poem for a fangirl scream”

In john mayer’s version

Of free fallin on his live

Album where the light is

When he starts to sing

The first verse and all

The girls in the crowd

Realize he’s covering

The romantic classic

There’s a flurry of coos

And woo’s as all the

Happy females express

Their pleasure at his

Song choice


As Mayer is singing

The word “Jesus” in

The “Loves Jesus,

And America, too”

There is a young

Lady who absolutely

Lets loose and just

Screams a second-long

Scream, pure, naked

Honest-to-God loss

Of control over her

Emotional facilities

Over this pretty Greek

Statue of a rock star

And his cotton wool

Voice amplified

It’s a Beatlemania

Scream, an eruption

That brings to mind

wide wet lips and

wide wet eyes

It’s the sonic

Embodiment of

“My ovaries just


I have no idea

What that girl

Looks like or

Who she is but

this is for her

Everything is a work in progress.