The days only last so long

Time falls through your fingers

like water

Stop and see through

I think I see you

To begin with

Bare bedroom walls

A Styrofoam angel

A massive old cloth banner

Little pink flowers beaded with rain

Many storms, many sunsets

Distant radio towers

Dormitory basements

Long hallways lit up

Lone sunflower in the weeds

Tree faces, concert stages

Souvenirs of old vacations

Sunglasses on picnic tables

Hilltops, shadows, songs

Classic cars, noisy bars

The leaves of Kensington

Pale afternoon in the living room

Zoo fountains

Teenage bonfires

Rainbows on the freeway

Your father’s work space

John F. Kennedy’s limousine

Hearts traced in snow on a rear windshield

Micro waved mac n’ cheese

Ornate gargoyle window carvings

Duct tape on a bass drum

Coffee at an airport

A plastic skeleton

A carwash sign

Spiral blossom doodles

Forgotten treehouses

A bust of MLK slick with night rain

Jetstreams in the evening

ragweed dreamcatchers

Halloween butlers

Famous marquees

antique stores

The days passed by, and on we ran

When we’re gone we’ll understand

Everything is a work in progress.

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