I should be writing right now

i should be doing laundry

i haven’t done laundry

in a long time, i’m down

to wearing my pajama shirts

and the same boxers

for days on end

i should go to the gym

i went three times

this week already

i did my regular

exercises but i

should go run

but i’m reading

about river phoenix

and how he died

on the sidewalk

outside the viper room

i’m looking up

the viper room

on google maps

next time i’m in la

i need to check it out

i drove right by it

last time i was there

there’s a picture

of me driving with

the whiskey a-go-go

in the background

and that’s literally

across the street

the band on the

marquee in the picture

is fronted

by a guy i recorded

with, what

are the odds of that

i check tumblr again

i check seeking arrangement again

i check Facebook

i open youtube, don’t search

i’ve heard the story

of river phoenix dying

a million times

the night he died i was

in second grade, i was

godzilla that year, it

was halloween, best

halloween of my life

at that point

if it happened


we would’ve

found out

that night

and there


would be footage

of him dying

on the sidewalk

but it was 1993

so we probably

didn’t find out

until the next


i didn’t know

who he was

until i got older

he’d be 49 now

i should be writing

instead of reading

this same tragic romantic story

Everything is a work in progress.

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