Ramblin’: Pt 2

Adrien Carver
2 min readNov 8, 2018

I haven’t been writing lately, so I’m just going to start another unofficial series where I just dump my thoughts out with no regard for quality.

2 things on my mind today:

This latest shooting for some reason has got me shook moreso than others. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s seeing Jason Coffman’s body wracked with grief pangs as he tries to get his sentences out in front of a phalanx of reporters that hold their microphones out like vacuum cleaner tubes sucking up all the abject psychic agony he’s putting off. Maybe it’s the woman at the memorial for the officer killed in the shooting, pointing out that there are people out there now, alive, who will be the next victims because everyone knows this is going to happen again and nothing will be done.

The incident yesterday with Trump and Accosta was easy to deconstruct. Trump threw a bitch fit because that’s what skyscraper kids do. He was pissed about losing the House and the consquences that will befall him as a result, so he lashed out at the nearest thing irritating him.

It’s a paradox — Trump couldn’t have been elected without the Internet, and yet it’s the Internet that keeps him from establishing the full-on dictatorship everyone’s constantly warning about. Seeing the doctored video today — if that had happened even twenty years ago, would anyone have believed it was doctored? Would the average person have the means to keep up on such things, to be able to play it back and over and over again and compare it side by side with the raw footage? No. Trump would’ve been an easy dictator in the pre-Internet age, but this is now. The Founding Fathers wouldn’t have understood the Internet. They wouldn’t even understand widespread electricity and the interstate highway system. They couldn’t see Trump coming because they couldn’t see the Internet coming. What’s the next step in technology that we in the present can’t see?

I wrote an essay after the Vegas shooting talking about the spiritual decay of the average American life. We have essentially reached the spot that all societies get to — the vast majority of the masses exist solely to preserve the coasting status of the increasingly small elite who are caring less and less about making it seem like there’s some justice in the world.

There is this vague, permeating offness about modern life. We are evolving faster than our bodies were designed for, and it’s warping us.

I don’t have the answers, but I can’t be the only one who feels this way.