Ramblins Part 3

Adrien Carver
2 min readMay 29, 2019

I don’t want to go a month without publishing anything on here, so here’s what’s up with me —

I have about six or seven short stories in the process of being written. Some are just notes, a few are early drafts. I haven’t been working on them because…

I’ve been focusing on finishing Vestal Phases, my second novel which I’ve been developing since 2012 and working on in earnest since the winter of 2016. I was close to the end at the beginning of May and decided to put everything else aside so I could make a break for the finish and be done with it.

Alas, I hit a wall and had to go back and redo about half of the draft I’d already put together. I’m now stuck and don’t know when that will be lighting up again. I try to work on it every day but it’s dead in the water. Hopefully a break will spark it to life and I can make that push again and put it behind me, finally.

In addition to Vestal Phases, I have a companion series of short stories that you’ve seen on here called Stories from the Maya. That has also stalled out, but there are currently four or five of those on the docket as well.

So a whole lot of trying and not a lot of finishing, but that happens. Hope I can get out there sooner rather than later and continue to put stories in The Junction and Lit Up, the two finest literary mags on Medium.

In the meantime —

My first novel, Gloryland, is available on Amazon and it’s less than a dollar so you should go check it out — https://www.amazon.com/GLORYLAND-Adrien-Carver-ebook/dp/B07Q1DKDQM

Here’s my Wattpad, which has Gloryland, about half of Vestal Phases, all my poetry (10 books, working on the 11th) and a few other projects published on it.

Follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already.

Happy writing. Here’s hoping the end of June sees more than one random journal entry posted.