i woke up just now

2:47 AM

thinking of a song

i haven’t thought of

in awhile

reminds me of college

reminds me of this

date i went on with

a girl named emily hobbs

we went and saw

the science of sleep

at the state theater


she asked me out

i don’t know why

the song is by kt tunstall

it’s her second big single

called suddenly i see

i had a dream in which

i saw kt at some small

coffee shop, and her

other songs were

gorgeous pop

acoustic ditties

layered and sweet

and touching

and catchy

i didn’t know

any of them

and i wish i

could remember

them but i can’t

and then she

played this song

that i knew

that actually


and it took on

this whole new

luminous quality

i can’t list the

song’s lyrics here

but a quick google

will help you


it’s got the same

title as this poem

and it’s inspired by

the cover

of patti smith’s


i can see emily dobbs

every time i hear that

first verse

i only went on

that one date

with her

and then i’d see her

in poetry class

she got a steady boyfriend

soon after

and i believe she married him

made a family with him

i don’t know why my mind

decided to conjure

this song

after all this time

maybe random nothingness

but i had to write about it

Everything is a work in progress.

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