“the people at the peak”

A community at the bottom of a mountain keeps getting avalanches.

They travel up the mountain to find the reason for the avalanches, and find a community above them a third of the way up the mountain. They blame them for the avalanches, but the community says that they’ve been getting avalanches, too.

So the two communities travel farther up the mountain where they find another community that lives half-way up the mountain. But this community has been devastated by avalanches as well, so all three communities go up the mountain in search of the culprit.

They find a fourth community, living nearly at the top of the mountain, but this group has been getting avalanches as well, although they haven’t been as devastating as they’ve been for the lower communities.

All of the communities travel to the peak of the mountain to find a few people sitting at the very top, enjoying the view. They ask them to please stop causing the avalanches.

The people at the peak respond, “What’s an avalanche?”

Everything is a work in progress.

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