i have a crush on a girl named erin

she has brown hair and dimples

very girl next door

she’s 27, just got a job

with u of m

i don’t know anything

about her, not really

i’m old enough to know

when i’m crushing

on the idea of someone

more than who

they really are

i want to text her

haven’t talked to her since


there is no spark there

i think i mentioned her in

another poem

i asked her out in the worst

way possible, directly

it was last february

i’m seeing someone,

she said

no spark

last time she texted

it was about game of thrones

during the final season

asking me some question

because she knew i read

the books

i answered after calculating

the right amount of time

i should let pass

to show her i care

but not too much

why do you ask, i wanted to know

oh, i’m sitting here with austin

watching and we were wondering

(not the exact text, but to this effect)

i assumed austin was the guy she was

seeing, who else would he be?

you mean little thing, i thought,

not responding

i thought you were above that

haven’t had any interaction since

the idea of someone

she’s my wholesome crush

not a jerk-off crush, of which

i have many, like all guys

i don’t think about fucking her


i think about making a life

with her

it’s unhealthy

Everything is a work in progress.

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